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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Journey to work

I was thinking about the street names in the town where I work this morning. I have to walk across the town from the bus station to the office - a walk which takes me about 10 minutes. There's Swan Street then Pied Calf Yard - next to the Pied Calf pub as you might expect. Followed by Sheepmarket - no sheep in sight though.

Then we get to Hall Place and Market Place where energetic workmen are refurbishing the betting shop so that it looks all bright and modern - and presumably entices people in to part with their money. more readily.

From Market Place I have two choices - down Buttermarket to Double Street or along Broad Street and down Herring Lane to Double Street. From that point I can either go over a Victorian bridge across the river or walk further down to a modern pedestrian bridge.

It's a pleasant walk especially now it's just about daylight when I get to work and the ducks are up and quacking not to speak of the coots with their deep mournful noise. All the water birds were really funny a week or so ago when there were patches of ice on the river. They'd walk across it, come to a hole and end up lopsided with one foot in the water. They weren't best pleased about the situation and the quacks were most indignant. I love the ducks - they seem to put things in perspective.

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