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Sunday, 4 January 2009

Back to work tomorrow

I have not missed work at all over the last 3 weeks and I shan't enjoy going back tomorrow. I'm sure nothing of any interest will have happened while I've been off - as nothing very much usually happens over the Christmas period.

I have spent today being domestic - not my strong suit - but at least the house is reasonably clean and tidy and the washing is up to date. The shopping was delivered on Saturday so I shan't need to go out and get anything tomorrow.

I'm half way to success on one of my resolutions in that I've been through all my books currently listed for sale on Amazon and weeded out all those which will never sell as there are already several dozen other copies of the title on there for 1p each. I have made a stack - well three stacks actually - of those and they will be gradually taken to the charity shops in Spalding . There are 6 shops that I can think of so I shall be able to scatter largess amongst them for the next few weeks.

Off to remake the beds with clean sheets, have a shower and curl up with a book.


Anne Brooke said...

Ah, tomorrow - it's creeping up, Jilly! On me too, darn it. Best get something really nice to do in the evening on Monday to get us through the day!

Love & hugs galore


NAM said...

Yes, for us too. I don't usually take this much leave over Christmas/ New Year (I've been away since the 18th), and I'll be intrigued to see what's happenened in that time, apart from the fact that I still enjoy my job anyway.

But commiserations, of course, and lots of sympathy!


Jilly said...

Thank you both - sounds as though everyone's back to work.