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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Half way through the week and charity shops

Work has been all right today and even yesterday with the boss there was fine. He seemed to be in a good mood even making strenuous efforts to see our point of view. Today there was just me and one other person in on our floor which meant we could get on and get things done which needed concentration.

I'm keeping up with two of my resolutions so far this year - posting on here every day and disposing of unwanted books to the charity shops. I've fallen out with the British Heart Foundation's shop because they wanted me to sign a Gift Aid form when I gave them some books. I was under the impression it applied only if you gave them money. I refused anyway. I had to look it up on the Internet when I got back to work.

It turns out they can do that but they're supposed to tell you that they are acting as your agent by selling the items and it is up to you whether the sale proceeds go to the charity or to you. The lady in there didn't explain that to me - which she should have done. So I gave today's lot to Cancer Research UK instead who were very grateful and said they always need books.

Off to have a shower and curl up with a good book or three

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