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Sunday, 20 September 2009

Considering a course of study

I started an Open University degree in 1996 and I still haven't completed it. Various things got in the way including having to study for work. I've got 160 points and I need 350 points for my degree. Most courses are 60 points which involves about 14 hours study a week and often an examination at the end of it. I've always enjoyed the study - apart from the philosophy course I did which I never thought I'd pass. I started another history course but never finished it- because I started a new job and 4 years ago I did a short creative writing course and had hoped at that point to go on and do more - but work got in the way.

Now I'm seriously thinking of doing some more study but I'm reluctant to commit myself to something which is going to force me into a routine. I do need to do something to keep my brain active and I've noticed I've been reading a lot more non-fiction recently. If I register for a course this week I could start in October but I think I'd rather wait until next year - when I could be eligible for financial help as well because of my low income. Decisions, decisions. I find OU study works for me because it gives me deadlines whereas an ordinary correspondence course doesn't work because often there are no deadlines so I never do any work!

I could combine two interests and do a short course in writing family history - to get me back into study mode . . . .

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Anne Brooke said...

Great idea - and the family history one sounds great too.