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Sunday, 13 September 2009

Good book

Domenica De Rosa's Summer School is like eating a box of chocolates and drinking a glass of wine while relaxing in the sun. It is about 7 ill assorted people attending a creative writing course in Tuscany. The characters are all believable and the dialogue is well written with touches of humour. The text is interspersed with extracts from diaries and pieces of creative writing. My favourite character was Mary - 74 years old spinster and retired civil servant, but all the characters are interesting including Patricia the owner of the castello where the event is held.

Some of the characters achieve their dream while others achieve things they could never even have dreamed of before the course. The book is almost as good as attending such a course yourself and there are lots of creative writing tips. I loved it. I think the overall standard of such books is improving and I seem to find more and more which are up to this high standard. The boundary between chick lit and literary fiction is becoming even more blurred - which can only be a good thing.

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