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Friday, 25 September 2009


The title of a book by Lisa Sanders. It is American but still relevant to the UK. It goes through the diagnostic process and shows how doctors these days are so keen on having complicated tests done they forget their best chance of deciding what is wrong with a patient is by examining them and listening to what they are saying about their symptoms. It is absolutely fascinating reading. I've been left wondering how doctors manage to diagnose anything when you consider there are only so many symptoms a body can produce and not everyone will exhibit all the symptoms for a particular disease.

If you are at all interested in things medical - read this book. Its full title is Diagnosis: Despatches from the Frontlines of Medical Mysteries by Lisa Sanders.

Appropriately enough I'm off to Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham to have my eyes checked tomorrow and I'm in my usual panic about it. I can see Rescue Remedy will be much to the fore both today and tomorrow.


Anne Brooke said...

Hope it goes well for you tomorrow, Jilly - will be thinking of you loads


Jilly said...

Thanks, Anne - see latest post