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Friday, 4 September 2009

Family History and books

I've found two unusual Christian names in the course of my research - Tryphena and Ethelinda - both female and both nineteenth century. I've not come across either of them before.

I've also come across an interesting lady called Caroline Slator. She was born in 1820. She never married and lived in Holbeach, Lincolnshire, all her life dying on 17 May 1898. For a lot of that time - according to the Census returns - she lived on her own and supported herself by means of dressmaking. I've always had the idea from reading social history that women - of any social class - rarely lived on their own, so I think she must have been quite unusual. Or does reality differ radically from social history?

On the books front I've finished reading Disasters and Miracles: How it was Then. This is a beautifully produced book of short stories retelling well known bible stories as well as lesser known ones - including one about St Paul by Anne Brooke. I thought the stories were really good - all of them - and I've posted a review on Amazon.


Anne Brooke said...

Gosh, thank you so much, Jilly! The D&M gang will be thrilled with your thoughts. Much appreciated!



Jilly said...

I shall be on the lookout for more of these anthologies - I do like short stories and I think they're very underrated - though they do seem to be a bit more popular at the moment.