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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

A trip out

We went to Norwich today so that I could go to the dentist for a filling and it was a beautiful day for a drive out - warm and sunny. Dentist wasn't too bad though there was an accompanying drama as a very elderly lady had fallen and hit her head and there was a paramedic in attendance when I got there. The lady herself seemed not too dismayed by the whole thing and more worried about the blood on her grey hair and whether her son was prepared to take her for lunch once she'd finished at the dentist. He was more inclined to take her home but by the time I left she was adamant she wanted her lunch before they went home. In the course of the - overheard - conversation she was asked her age, which turned out to be 94 - and a half!

The paramedic glued the cut together and having checked all the vital signs said she didn't really think she needed to go to hospital though the son seemed as though he was keen to take her anyway so I don't know what the outcome was in the end. Gluing cuts together must be a new thing and certainly I've not come across it before. It makes sense if you think about it because apparently it forms a scab which then drops off after a few days. Who needs stitches?

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