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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Missed Monday and Tuesday

Not sure how I missed yesterday - but miss it I did.

We took the cat to the vet for her vaccinations yesterday. Many people have said they don't see why we bother because she never goes out. We do it because if both of us were ill she'd have to go into a cattery and if her vaccinations weren't up to date this could cause difficulties. As she gets checked over for any possible health problems we think it's worth it.

I'm following the media panic attack over the HPV vaccine. I feel sorry for this unfortunate girl's family but all the people who are panicking about it have as ever got everything out of proportion. Cervical cancer kills about 1000 people each year in this country. 70-80% of these deaths could have been avoided if the vaccine had been around years ago. Having sex can be dangerous. You can pick up this virus at any time and not have any symptoms. Not all cervical cancers are caused by this virus so anyone not vaccinated could still get the other types but to me eliminating the risk of 70% of them is pretty good odds.

I must admit the growing anti vaccine lobby does worry me. They seem to be gaining a lot of support at the moment. The people who are anti one type of vaccine seem to be anti all of them. These people think that looking things up on Google is research. It could be if they bother to read both sides of the argument and pick reputable and responsible sources.

I find the people who think we're all going to be made to have the swine flu vaccine and at the same time we're all going to be micro chipped just so hysterical. One person put a comment on one of the newspapers' websites saying the government were going to change the mental health act so that you only need one doctor's signature if you want to section someone. That way if you refuse the vaccine you'll be sectioned and given it anyway. The straight jackets are hanging behind the door - please take one on the way out . . . .

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