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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Carrier bags

I know it isn't fashionable to like plastic carrier bags but I've always thought they were one of the best inventions of the 20th century. I re-use mine as bin liners and if I didn't get them free I'd have to buy bin liners. Now the Consumers' Association are saying supermarkets use too many of them when they deliver online shopping orders and cited Tesco putting meat and washing up liquid in two separate bags with only one item in each bag.

To me there is nothing wrong with that as washing up liquid if it leaked would make a mess of some food items. Meat should be in a separate bag for the same reason. I'm all for taking your own bag when you go shopping and I have done this for the last twenty years - even before 'climate change' and saving the planet were flavour of the month. But if I didn't have some plastic carrier bags I would have to buy bin liners so I resent being told that I shouldn't have plastic carrier bags! Tesco at least say you can have your shopping with or without - it's up to you.

The issue around carrier bags is trivial but to me it seems one more example of the 'goodie goodies' trying to enforce their opinion on the rest of us. In the same vein I see Paul McCartney is starting a campaign to persuade us to give up meat on Monday each week - why?? What are they going to do with all the spare sheep, cows, pigs and chickens if we all do that? I don't eat meat every day in any case so I'm not giving it up deliberately just to make someone else feel better. Bah humbug!


NAM said...

As usual, there needs to be a balance struck over this, it seems to me - some shopkeepers I know say that many of their customers never bring a bag, and always demand at least one, even if all they're buying is a birthday card, a packet of paracetamol or an apple. On the other hand, even someone as "no bags please" as I am will forget to bring one sometimes, or buy more than will go in it. Though for what it's worth, I sem to have spent half my life for the last ten years saying that I don't want a bag for my shopping, and even then it still gets put in a new bag because we're all supposed to want them.

Supermarket delivery systems still need to do some work on their packing, I think, though Ocado has got a bit better recently. We did experience a version of what you're suggesting, where a bottle of liquid soap upended itself over some sachets of cat food in the same bag. I binned the lot, as liquid soap is pretty nasty stuff in some respects, and rang customer services, who apologised and promptly refunded the cost. But yes, we do still get a few items single to a bag, too.

Jilly said...

I think we need common sense in all this and as ever that is what is lacking. You've got the people who take as many bags as possible for no good reason compared with the ones who give a free lecture on saving the planet while abruptly refusing a bag! A sense of proportions is something few people seem to have these days.