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Sunday, 7 June 2009

Gender gap?

I've noticed recently there is beginning to be a backlash against women which today's story about more women than men at universities will do nothing to quell. It appears more women go to university and do well than men who are more prone to dropping out. But men apparently still do better in the courses which are likely to lead to well paid jobs. So nothing new there then.

I haven't read all the media coverage of this story but I could pretty well write it myself. The tabloids will use it as a way of bashing women. Some of the broadsheets will see it as a positive thing while others will see it as a wider trend in society as a whole.

The story this week about women not being as happy as they were before the anti discrimination legislation in the 1970s prompted several articles in the Daily Mail in particular about women never being happy because the poor dears never really know what they want in the first place. I thought this sort of sexism went out with the ark. In my opinion women will never have equality until men play an equal part in child care and domestic chores without being asked and without being thanked. Yes I'm generalising but in my opinion this is why many women aren't happy - because they're now expected to do 3 full time jobs - bring up the kids, do the domestic stuff AND work.

I also noticed a footballer pontificating to the press about women's place in society though much of the media did not take this one up. He was advocating women not being allowed to drive at all though I don't remember him volunteering to do the school run. Someone posted a comment saying he personally would be much happier if women were not allowed to talk, vote and drive. So which bit of the Stone Age did he originate from?

David Starkey couldn't resist a spot of criticism of female historians feminising history and in particular Henry VIII. Probably because male historians have spent rather a long time air brushing women out of history, David, or hadn't you noticed?

As I've said before I do not subscribe to radical feminism but I also dislike the extreme views of some people (male and female) who suggest women should be kept at home and should confine their attentions to domestic chores and child rearing. There's more than a hint of this in the media coverage of female politicians at the moment.


NAM said...

It's ridiculous, frankly. I'm dismayed by the amount of emphasis still placed on gender - I'd hoped there would be at least some logic and sense around once we'd got past the first extremes of feminism. Why can't we just appoint the right person to the job or course instead of worrying about whether they're male or female? This is the problem with some of the women MPs - they were appointed to make T Blair look good on this subject.

If I remember correctly some of the media interest has been sparked by American research, which is a real bugbear of mine - when are we going to stop trying to apply data which has come from a completely different culture?

Since many footballers appear to select female partners as dim as they are themselves (I was about to say dimmer but that really isn't possible), those comments are not surprisng - it's just annoying that such people have any credibility or adherents, but that's Celeb Britain, I guess, and probably always has been to some extent.

Finally, I've every respect for David Starkey as a historian, but I did smile when I read his comments about the emphasis on Henry VIII's wives. Mmm, and who helped put it there, then?

kcm said...

A male chauvenist writes ...

Sweetie, You are taking things far too seriously. You know this only over-taxes your pretty little head. You must immediatley return to polishing the trophies, making fairy cakes and cooking hubby's tea. Before you show any further signs of mental illness and we have to call a doctor.

[huge grin]


Jilly said...

NAM - yes it should be the right person for the job rather than paying attention to what sex the applicants are.

I've never understood why the so called experts think America is the same as here. The two countries are completely different.

KCM - I can do a nice line in fairy cakes as well!! Perhaps they'll put me in the kitchen at the mental hospital!