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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Crop circles

The latest in this summer's spectacular crop circle images. I'm really not bothered whether they're produced by groups of people having fun or extra terrestrials trying to communicate. I think they're clever however they occur. This one is in Oxfordshire though apparently Wiltshire is THE county for crop circles.
All the news sites have covered this one as far as I can see with varying degrees of scepticism.


kcm said...

However it is made, you have to admit it rather brilliant. More power to the elbows of anyone who can think these things out (assuming the are done by Homo soapiens). OTOH I do feel it is rough on the farmers having their crops damaged. Has anyone ever been convicted of trespass and/or criminal damaage for making crops circles.

Jilly said...

No I don't think they have. From what I've read recently farmers in general just set up signs to them and charge for admission as well as selling refreshments to the hordes who visit! They've done wonders for the tourist trade in Wiltshire where they're most common