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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Household tasks

I am definitely not a domestic goddess. I do housework because I don't like to live in too much of a mess but I'm not houseproud - good enough is good enough. I find silly little jobs assume gigantic proportions and I'm forever thinking I'll do a particular job 'when I have time'. Now that excuse is no longer available I find myself saying I'll do things when 'I feel like it'. Today I spent five minutes - yes if I'd thought it would only take that long I'd have done it before - prising the weeds out from between the flagstones which make up the path to the front door. One sharp knife and a placcy bag to put the bits in and it's done.

Yes all right I should have just got on and done it when I first saw it needed doing but for some things procrastination is my middle name. I'd always rather be doing something else such as reading, surfing the Internet or writing or just doing nothing. Cooking I like doing, the washing is almost always up to date, I don't iron because I either hang up to dry or put in the tumble dryer, the floors are generally pretty dust free - at least downstairs, bathrooms and kitchen are cleaned at least once a week but the windows rarely get cleaned inside unless I'm feeling in need of exercise and anything else has to wait for my once in a lifetime desire for a spring clean. I do dust occasionally though not in the living room because that would involve dusting model aeroplanes - don't ask - and I don't want to be responsible for breakages.

Decorating? Yes, well, it needs doing but when is anyone's guess. . . . .

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