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Friday, 5 June 2009


No I'm not being headhunted for a new job! This is the title of a book by Claire Peate. I think I read about it on a blog recently and it sounded like my sort of book - and indeed it was. Kate is a journalist in Winchester who feels her career is going nowhere. Archie is the stylish new Dean of Winchester who has belatedly realised that someone has pinched King Canute's skull. Edgar is a press officer for a museum in London but he is trying to keep the press away from a controversial excavation under Kings Cross station. He is also trying to find out what has happened to the missing skull of a famous person. He has to find it without letting anyone know who's it is. Are the two thefts linked?

The book is fast paced and amusing. I loved the characters - especially Edgar - who really grows and develops during the book. Kate and Archie provide some amusing dialogue as they come to know and understand each other better. I like this author's unobtrusive style and interesting plot. This is an enjoyable read.

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Claire said...

I'm the author and I saw I'd been reviewed by both you and Dove Grey Reader. Thanks for picking the book up and I'm glad you enjoyed it. My publisher has no marketing budget to speak of so it's through blogs and word of mouth that copies get sold. Keep up the good work!!