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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

The end of the world?

Apparently this latest crop circle in Wiltshire is predicting/symbolising the end of the world.

Just one question - how does anyone know this? If certain people know this why isn't everyone preparing for it?
I seem to remember several similar prophecies in the past about the end of the world - none of which have proved positive. I suppose if you say it often enough you are bound to be right eventually - like the weather men.

If the crop circles are man made - then the people making them may have thought - 'That one looked good - perhaps we'll do the same.' If they're not man made then why should they tell us about the end of the world and why would they know anyway?

It sounds very much like the first scene in Douglas Adams' A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - where the Vogons destroy earth to build a hyper space byway and they assure Arthur Dent that earth was told so they should have been expecting it!

Whatever its significance it's still a work of art.


NAM said...

Curious - as you say, how would anyone know that this refers to the end of the world? (In which case it's perhaps not very good symbolism...). I've seen this device (or something remarkably similar) before, anyway - American Indian, I think.

I'm never quite sure what to think about crop circles - there's no doubt that some are easily created, and I find it interesting that they seem to have got ever more complicated since they started - almost as if in response to the doubters!

Jilly said...

It looks rather American Indian to me as well.

They do seem a lot more complex than they were when they first appeared. If they're man made people are getting better at them.