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Sunday, 21 June 2009

Happy Solstice

There are no pictures of the sun at Stonehenge this year because apparently it was cloudy. But still the Druids and other people interested in the Solstice were there.
It is something I would quite like to do. I remember driving past Stonehenge at some point when I was traveling a lot for work and being surprised at how small it looks from the road. I think I've always envisaged it with all the stones being hundreds of feet tall though of course they are rather more in tune with human proportions.


Anne Brooke said...

I must admit it's much more dramatic from a distance - the driving view is best!



Jilly said...

Right, in that case I can say I've seen it! I would quiite like to be there at sunrise but I dislike crowds so I'm not sure I could cope with all those people