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Monday, 8 June 2009

Trip to Boston

I've been here today though I didn't go into the church only to the council offices and a quick browse round the shops. The picture aside is of what is locally known as Boston Stump. Strictly the parish church dedicated to St Botolph. It's the tallest parish church in England - if not the UK - and one of the biggest still in use.

It can be seen from Lincoln - 35 miles away - on a good day and is one of the favourite places in Lincolnshire for jumping off, next to the Humber bridge. It looks magnificent on a sunny day like today.

Almost next to it is an old house/shop which is leaning at a very precarious angle and looks as though it would fall over if given a slight push. I think it's medieval - must look it up in Pevsner.

Boston does have a great many old buildings including the Guildhall which has recently been restored and which dates back to the 14th century. Then there's Pescod Hall - see picture - which was picked up bodily and moved 20 metres away in 2003 to make way for a small shopping complex. The Hall itself is now a shop. This photograph was taken before it was moved. It is a former merchants house.
Talking of moving houses I've just started reading a book about May Savidge who moved her house lock stock and barrel from Ware in Hertfordshire to Wells -next-the-Sea in Norfolk. More of this fascinating book tomorrow.

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