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Saturday, 14 March 2009

Calculators and budgets

I've spent a couple of hours today working out possible budgets for if I retire and digging out the information about the mortgage etc. As far as I can tell even with some put aside for emergencies each month I should be all right for money. Yes my calculations do include money for books!!

Now I need to make a proper list of all those things I've been saying I'll do when I retire - most of which don't cost anything except time and effort - and keep my fingers crossed.

One of my colleagues asked me on Friday whether I thought I'd be bored when I retire. Me? Bored? Not at all likely, and I started listing things like tracing some more of my family history, exploring more of Lincolnshire, reading, writing cooking . . . At which point he yelled stop - I can see you won't be bored at all. He's nearly 65 and still working and is worried he'll turn into his next door neighbour who creosotes his fence 4 times a year.

For some people retirement is the end of their life - for others like me it's the start of a new one. Just shows we're all different.


kcm said...

I'm with you Jilly; retirement = strat of a new life. I can't wait but I'm damned if I'm going to leave yet unless I get a pay-off. And every month I stay adds to my pension. Yes, I'm being purely mercenary about it now. Far too much to do tho' to waste time on work.

Jilly said...

I would have stuck it out a bit longer if they hadn't been closing offices all over the place. I have no wish to re-train yet again or move to a different office so the time came to take action. I think you know when it's time to go and when the money is almost a secondary consideration.