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Sunday, 1 March 2009

Health update

After two good nights of sleep my cold is a lot better. I still have the cough to get rid of but as I have asthma it frequently takes me ages to shake off a cough.

My arm is still progressing as well. I've noticed recently that I've started to let it relax beside me when I'm walking instead of holding it across my body. For a while it was still quite painful to straighten to that extent but it has definitely improved in recent weeks.

Virtually no pain at all now whatever I do with it. I spoke to someone recently who had a similar injury and she said it took her quite a while to get rid of the odd twinge so perhaps 6 months is not too bad. I did go through a phase where I started to think I'd have to live with the pain when I made some movements but now that has nearly gone. I would not care to repeat the experience.

Off to the dentist tomorrow - well the hygienist anyway. It's a bit of a nuisance going every three months, in between the 6 months appointments for the dentist but worth it I think. In any case it's included in what I pay monthly. I have to go back to Norwich - 70 miles away - which is why it's a pain. I could try and find a dentist in Lincolnshire - not easy - but I prefer to stick with the one I've been going to for about 30 years now. I'm going by train which at least means I got two hours each way of uninterrupted reading time.


NAM said...

Glad to hear your cold's getting better. Couldn't agree more about dentists - ours recently moved into the next county and went private, but like you, we consider it still worthwhile to go to someone who's known to be excellent and knows our health history. Good luck!

Jilly said...

It is worth following dentists I think especially all the horror stories I hear. The least of the problems in this area is the language barrier. Many of the dentists seem to be Spanish. I'm sticking to the one I know - like you.