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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Current reading

I am currently reading The Lace Reader by Brunonia Barry. It is set in Salem, Massachusetts and centres on Towner Witney - newly returned because of the disappearance and death of her Aunt Eva. It soon becomes clear there is something in Towner's past which is coming back to haunt her. She left Salem as a teenager because of a terrifying experience and has returned against her will. It is an atmospheric story where the bounds between reality and Towner's nightmares appear very thin. I find I have to read it carefully because it is constantly referring to things in the past and I'm never quite sure whether I'm supposed to be in the past or the present. Certainly an interesting book though I shall reserve judgement until I finish it.

I'm also reading Alexander McCall Smith's latest No 1 Ladies Detective Agency story - Teatime for the Traditionally Built. I love the gentle humour in these stories and their traditional values. In this one Precious Ramotswe is upset because she thinks she will have to finally give up her trusty little white van. Her assistant is worrying that a new assistant in her fiance's furniture store is going to try and steal him from under her nose. Then of course there are several detective agency problems which also need the attention of the two detectives.

Then I'm also plodding a way with The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff. This is a very long book and I'm beginning to think it could usefully have been about half its length. Fascinating about the history of polygamy and the Mormons and the way, like any sect, they seek to control the thoughts and actions of their followers. It is, of course, fiction but there appears to have been a lot of research gone into it.

More of all three when I've finished them.

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