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Tuesday, 31 March 2009


I'm not normally too interested in politics unless it has an impact on me personally but I'm disturbed by what our trade union is doing at the moment. All the editorial in the union magazine is aimed - overtly rather than covertly - at persuading us not to vote BNP. I know unions are generally by definition anti employer and therefore tend towards the left of the political spectrum, but this to me is interfering with my democratic right to vote how I choose and in my view they are misusing their power and probably not speaking for their membership. In any case what about freedom of speech?

If you're going to say don't vote right wing then there are other right wing parties. Can't help feeling they'd do better to try and persuade people not to vote for either extreme. From some of the stuff I've read you'd think any right wing party should be banned and really that's what they're calling for. Would they be doing the same if the Communist party (does it still exist?) were gaining prominence? Somehow I don't think so.

I always make a point of voting because people chained themselves to railings and went on hunger strike to get women the vote. I feel the least I can do is use it even if not always wisely.

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