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Monday, 9 March 2009

Mind your language

I was amused by an incident this evening when I called into Sainsbury's on my way home. A woman pushing a trolley and accompanied by an angelic looking 4 or 5 year old child was screaming at the top of her voice at 2 thuggish looking teenage boys who were using the F word rather more freely that is acceptable in polite society.

'I don't come shopping to hear people using that sort of language in my child's hearing.' Grabbing hold of a young member of staff. 'You need to bloody well get security to get these bloody people out of here.' Only certain swear words allowed presumably?

Security men are a new concept in our Sainsbury's and the two I've seen seem a bit weak and wimpish so I doubt they would have done anything. With a good hard push I could probably flatten either of them. They can usually be found standing at the door where you come in when perhaps they ought to be wandering around and keeping watch for the handbag snatchers or perhaps standing at the out door and checking people's receipts.

Any sort of crime is pretty hard to come by around here and people are very careless with their purses when they're shopping so I presume some opportunist thief has taken to snatching convenient handbags as the notice has only recently been put up.

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