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Thursday, 12 March 2009

More people about today and journeys

One and a half more to be precise!

The bus journey home tonight was interesting as the bus driver - ex-tour guide - was trying to get a couple of us to guess his surname and talking about emperors and kings and statues in front of York Minster. It was when he said about the Roman Emperor who converted to Christianity that I realised he was talking about Constantine! Oddly enough, even though he was a bit full of himself - in a sort of proud of my knowledge sort of way - he had the same sort of face as a Roman Emperor.

From there the conversation digressed to all sorts of historical subjects including the different names places have been given over the centuries - e.g. York - Eboracum, Jorvik and the modern day York. We also took in why Harold lost the Battle of Hastings - too tired after the battle shortly before - was it Stamford Bridge?; whether it is better to worship the sun - giver of life - as the Romans did or Christ on the cross and a detour round surnames and family history - which was really where we started.

Coincidentally I finished reading Bloodline by Fiona Mountain last night which has tracing family history as its background. Good crime novel with an interesting background.

Never say we aren't intellectual in the wilds of Lincolnshire!

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