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Saturday, 21 March 2009

Good news

I had to go for a check up on my eyes today - the first time in 9 months and I had to chase it up to get this one! I think something went wrong with the filing system but I blame the fact that my surname begins with a letter of the alphabet close to the end. Anyway the important things is there was no change - which I was sure there wasn't - but you just like to be 100% sure. He's said 6 months this time rather than the 3 months it should have been before and I am happy with that. I know what symptoms I need to watch for and would get in touch if anything changed.

I find the trips to Nottingham and the nightmare of parking and the amount of time I spend sitting waiting when I am there totally stressful - even with the help of Rescue Remedy. Please note I am not complaining here about the NHS as this is a private appointment!! It's bring your sandwiches, a flask and War and Peace (not that you can read unless it's large print once they've put drops in your eyes) and prepare for a long wait if you're NHS.

So it's been a good week all round one way and another and it's a really lovely day here as well. I've just spent 10 minutes in the garden pulling up weeds in the shingle and it was warm enough to be out there in short sleeves - long may it continue.

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Anne Brooke said...

Great news about the eyes - and it is indeed a wonderful day!