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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Definitely surreal existence today

It really did feel strange at work today - sort of surreal. Dali-esque watches dripping over the edges of desks would not have seemed too out of the way. I've fired off e-mails to various people asking them to confirm I can take the money how I want to take it - must get all the details ironed out before I commit myself to such a major step. I have visions of a few people sitting somewhere saying: 'Oh my God! We never expected someone would want to do THAT! How on earth do we do it?' I shall be on the phone to people tomorrow if there are no suitable replies.

Meanwhile I beaverd away, feeling sorry for the poor people or person who has to take over where I left off. Copious notes are being placed in files to try and make the hand over easier. I know how I feel when I take over work from others so hopefully I can make sure people get all the details they need.

To add to the strangeness the weather is surprisingly mild and the trees are starting to come into leaf. We've got snowdrops and daffodils out at the same time which we don't usually have and all the ducks are looking for nesting sites.
There are going to be even more mallards around this year with large splashes of white on them as the white ducks all seem to be paired off with mallards rather than other white ducks. I love the ducks they put everything in perspective. You often see them flying in formation under the footbridges over the river almost like bombers during the war. Maybe they're World War II pilots reincarnated?


NAM said...

I like it! That was one of the most appropriately surreal things you could possibly have ended with - but then there's the traditional belief that gulls are the reincarnations of drowned sailors, of course, so you're probably right.

I think things do often go surreal when you're in a 'between' stage. Sort of engaged to be retired, I suppose :-)

Jilly said...

Yes very like engaged to be retired - I like that!