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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Early retirement

Yes I've been offered it - about five minutes before I had to leave work to get my bus! I've got until 31 March to make up my mind but apart from the fact that I need to check one thing tomorrow I shall be sending the form back as soon as possible. Date - not negotiable - is 31 May.

I felt sort of shell shocked when I realised what the e-mail was but I don't have any doubts about it - this is what I want. I'm sure there will be moments when I wonder what I've done just as there are with any big decision but deep down I know it is the right thing for me at this moment. I've got so disillusioned with work that I just can't summon any enthusiasm for it. Then there's all the uncertainty still hanging over the future and the way the goal posts are moved every few minutes.

Talking of goal posts someone said today they felt as though they'd joined a team playing football but at half time they'd revamped the pitch and told the players they'd got to play rugby for the second half. Not a bad analogy I thought.


kcm said...

Jilly ... You lucky devil! Envy. Envy. I'm only waiting fo them to make me an offer; don't see why I should leave without some monetary inducement especially while I'm still building up pension. Wave your magic wand and get me a nice gilded handshake, can you? ;-)
Love .. K xx

Jilly said...

If I hadn't been getting my widows and orphans contributions back I wouldn't be going either - it's what tipped the balance and made it possible to pay the mortgage off. I felt like you until I had the time off with my arm - I'd have stuck it out until I was offered more but I came to the conclusion my sanity and happiness was more important! I'll send some constructive vibes your way . . . Love Jxxx

Anne Brooke said...

Congratulations - that's marvellous!! Your escape route is sooooo near!!!



Martin Edwards said...

More time for you to write? I hope so.

Jilly said...

It does feel like an escape as well Anne. Just have to get one aspect of the whole thing checked and then I'm on course to leave at the end of May.

Martin I AM hoping to have more time to write as well as read. I have your book Dancing for the Hangman on the ever growing to be read pile.