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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Fussy cats

The cat has decided she doesn't like this tin of chicken Whiskas. Not sure why except that she has just finished a tin of chicken so she could be bored. I refuse to throw away a whole tin just because madam thinks she fancies a change. At the moment it's a battle of wills and the pathetic big eyes and desperate 'I'm starving' miaows. She is not starving as she has dry food to eat as well so I'm ignoring her at the moment. I have a suspicion she will win in the end.

I'm sure the idea of training a cat to do anything is a non-starter as they are just so much their own people. I think there's a saying about the difference between cats and dogs answering the phone is that a dog will happily go off and find the person requested but the cat may take a message and might deliver it if it can be bothered. Yes exactly! Cats don't do things for reward they do things if they want to.

You could almost divide people into cats and dogs . . .. Now there's a thought!

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