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Sunday, 5 April 2009

Donna Leon

I am currently reading Donna Leon's latest Brunetti novel - About Face. As ever it repays careful reading. There are so many nuances in every conversation. This time it is corruption in the disposal of hazardous waste. This is a subject which has cropped up before in Leon's stories especially with regard to the industrial side of Venice at Maghera and Mestre. Anyone reading fiction set in any part of Italy will know that all official operations are based on corruption or the Mafia - usually both.

In Venice the Mafia have not yet managed to gain very much of a hold but are starting to make progress. Brunetti's father -in-law - Conte Falier - asks his advice about a businessman he is considering dealing with. Brunetti finds his personal and professional loyalties in conflict and wonders how much the business man is connected with the murder he is investigating. This looks like it is going to be one where no one is arrested for the crime - but we will see.

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uschi said...

what did you think about donna leon's 17th mistery: the girl of his dreams ?
reviews were poor - what did you think ?

looking forward to your answer - thanks in advance.
regards, uschi