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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Strawberries for tea and cash machines

They weren't English unfortunately but Spanish as it too early for the English varieties. I've taken to popping into Marks & Spencer on my way home as they reduce prices on perishable items about 4.00pm. The strawberries were £1.00 which is as cheap as buying home grown ones in season. Unfortunately much of what they reduce is things like cream cakes which I avoid but fruit and veg is often a bargain - and it's a useful place to get cash back as I don't like cash machines.

A work colleague is in dispute with his bank at the moment as drew a 3 figure sum from his account by means of the cash machine inside the bank - and did not receive his money. He did what any sensible person would and went to the human being at the counter and explained. They said they would need to check the cash machine at the end of the day to see if it had too much in it and 'Yes, Sir it has happened with that machine before.'

Which begs the question why didn't they get it looked at to see why it malfunctioned? I didn't get chance to speak to him today to see if the problem had been resolved but I rather think he may not win especially as he has a receipt and the money has left his account. I've had it happen to me some years ago now and it was sorted within 24 hours - in my favour. Maybe I was lucky . . . This is one of the reasons I don't use cash machines.


NAM said...

No, we don't use them either except in direst emergency about once a decade. K doesn't trust the technology, as it is prone to just what you've written about, and I'm thinking of the possibility of identity theft - someone may be looking over your shoulder and taking down details.

Jilly said...

I'd actually rather make a special trip to Sainsbury's - or M&S - just to buy something I know I'll need at some point in order to get the cash - much safer. I get stroppy with people in shops who crowd me when I'm putting my PIN in the machine!