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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Trisha Ashley and First Edition magazine

I like Trisha Ashley's books. They're light hearted with interesting characters and backgrounds. Her latest Wedding Tiers is no exception. Josie is living in an idyllic Lancashire village with her artist boyfriend Ben. She makes individually designed wedding cakes such as the marvellous one she made for an Elizabethan themed wedding in the shape of a pomander. It seems as though her life will become even more idyllic when her long time best friend Libby returns to the village and decides to settle there and buy the local manor house, Blessings. When she plans on setting up a business organising wedding receptions it seems as though it will be a partnership made in heaven.

But as with any Eden there is a serpent in the shape of Ben, Josie's boyfriend, who is being less than truthful about his activities in London. Josie's revenge on him is priceless. The eco friendly lifestyle which most of the villagers live partly through necessity and their informal barter system is well described. I didn't even feel the message was being forced on me! Loved it - real feel good fiction.

First Edition Magazine which Anne Brooke was kind enough to mention is excellent value for money - 18 short stories as well as poetry, interviews, news and competitions. The latest issue - no 3 - contains an interesting interview with Anne herself and is well worth reading. It can be obtained direct from the publisher - - or from newsagents for the princely sum of £3.00.

I thought the quality of the stories was somewhat uneven but there were some gems amongst them as well. Even the serial was good in spite of the fact I've not read the first two installments! Long may the magazine continue especially as it welcomes submissions. I get the impression short stories are becoming more popular.

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Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Jilly - glad you liked the interview! And yes more power to their elbow for daring to start a short story/poetry mag!