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Thursday, 2 April 2009

Ivy Brown and others

I did enjoy The Reinvention of Ivy Brown by Roberta Taylor and I shall be looking out for more of her fiction. The plot revolved round the relationship of three women to Brian - or Arthur as Ivy refers to him. It is well written though perhaps the last few chapters are a little rushed. The writing was understated with many happenings left very much to the reader's imagination. I thought the book was all the better for that. The characters are interesting though some are not pleasant people. The flamboyant Pandora stuck in my mind even though she played very little part in the story. The tragic ending is foreshadowed in the beginning so it is not a total surprise though nonetheless chilling. Well worth reading in my opinion.

I've also been reading A Spring Affair by Milly Johnson. Lou Winter - unreconstructed Stepford Wife - is starting to come out of her chrysalis when she reads a magazine article about de-cluttering. From this small beginning stems major upheaval in her life, and the lives of those about her. Will she give smarmy devious husband Phil the boot? What about hunky skip company boss Tom and estranged best friend Deb? Light women's fiction with some good points to make about fulfilling the expectations of others.

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