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Thursday, 23 April 2009


Anyone who reads this blog regularly will know that I like watching ducks. I was waiting for the bus yesterday morning and idly watching a family of ducks - mother, father and 5 tiny baby balls of brown fluff. They were pottering about the kid's playground - which is a large grass expanse with swings etc.

I noticed the mother duck was shaking out her wings and then preening her chest feathers and the babies were copying her. Of course their wings are hardly developed at that stage but they were doing their best to follow suit! Then they all curled up in a hollow and went to sleep with the father duck apparently standing guard with one eye out for danger.

Motorists round here stop for ducks to cross the road - especially at this time of year when there are babies about. Even buses and lorries stop so quite often you'll see a queue of 3 or 4 vehicles patiently waiting while a group - or even a single duck - cross the road. It's rare to see a squashed one.


NAM said...

I always remember being on the train between Lowestoft and Norwich and the driver allowing the ducks to cross the railway line - not absolutely sure where, from memory, but think it was at Buckenham (nice and flat, after all). I think you'd have to be flint-hearted not to!

Anne Brooke said...

That's great - ducks definitely rule the road!


Jilly said...

I've even seen people get out of their cars to usher ducks across the road so they don't get run over! Yes everything stops for ducks!