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Sunday, 12 April 2009

Snobbery and chocolate

I started reading an article about posh chocolate being recession proof and came across this paragraph:

As a child I never ventured much beyond a Yorkie bar or a Kit Kat. I thought a Turkish Delight was the height of sophistication. My mother would come home with a slab of Dairy Milk or Fruit and Nut and we'd all go into paroxysms of joy. I think of these days with horror.

Shame on you Lucy Cavendish, who is writing in Can't give you the exact link because for some reason I can't copy and paste anything into this blog at the moment.

This is just snobbery of the most blatant kind. I know there's a huge difference in taste between Dairy Milk and 70% cocoa solids expensive one plantation chocolate, but that's all it is - a matter of taste. Ultimately it's what the individual prefers. Yes I love very expensive chocolate - but in general cannot afford it - though Lidl and Aldi do some bars which are relatively cheap. But in my opinion snobbery should not come into it - each to their own taste.


NAM said...

I couldn't agree more - just as I couldn't always read Literature. One wants the right thing for the mood and occasion, anyway. Yes, I do like expensive dark chocolate, though I think some of it's a tad pretentious (soya or balsamic vinegar flavoured come to mind...), but then I also like Cadbury's caramel bars, for example (must be frozen, mind) and Toffee Crisp.

I think LC put her finger on what doesn't ring right when she says (as a child) "I thought a Turkish Delight was the height of sophistication." I would hope that she was a normal enough child to enjoy it, rather than thinking anything of the sort. This is just setting up a (rather cheap) skittle just to knock it over - and by the way saying "But I have such marvellous good taste now". Grrrrrr.

Many happy Easter eggs (or equivalent)!

Jilly said...

We celebrated Easter with a box of Lindt truffles - which we both love - rather than Easter eggs.
I do agree with your comments about the article. I was spluttering with fury after I'd read it.
Happy Easter to you too