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Saturday, 4 April 2009

Google Street View

Why are some sections of the population making so much fuss over this? How can it be an invitation to burglars when they can just as easily go and stand outside the house to case the joint? I'm not sure why a photograph of one moment in time on one day can be any more an invasion of privacy than anyone walking down the street and stopping outside the house. But then some people are just Luddites at heart!

There's been a Google car in this area recently because it came past our office and then later on I saw it parked in Sainsbury's car park with a bag over its head - as it were. I look forward to seeing my local area on the Internet


NAM said...

I don't get this one either - you can't see anything at ours that I would have thought in the least useful to a burglar, especially as we have a lot of well-grown shrubs in the front garden which obscure thing nicely. But then I was more than somewhat taken aback when some busybody from the council stuck a note through the door saying that our shrubs were a security threat because you couldn't see what was going on inside! Er, that is the whole idea, and are you saying the same about net curtains?

Jilly said...

We've got a hedge in front of our house so I'm surprised no one's done the same to us. Though someone did come and chop some off it because they said it was overhanging the path - which it wasn't as far as I could see. They did the same to all the houses round here because the council is going to adopt the road. This is not what I pay my council tax for - nor yet for them to tell me anything I grow is a security risk!

NAM said...

As you probably know, if anyone chops off some of what's growing on your property because it's overhanging, they're supposed to give it back to you - personally, I don't much want it unless it's usable in some way, to be honest, but there. Some of these council types are the limit!

Jilly said...

Don't think I'd have thanked them for it if they had given it back - but maybe I should have insisted just to be awkward!