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Monday, 20 April 2009

New meme

I don't always like these but this one interested me as KCM over at Zen Mischief supposed it would.

All you have to do is pick a musical artist then using ONLY SONG TITLES from that artist, answer the following questions about your life.

I chose ABBA
  1. Are you male or female? I am just a girl
  2. Describe yourself Sitting in a palm tree
  3. How do you feel about yourself? As good as new
  4. Describe your parents Knowing me, knowing you
  5. Describe your ex-boyfriends/girlfriends Thank you for the music
  6. Describe your current boy/girl situation Lovelight
  7. Describe your current location Crazy World
  8. Describe where you want to be Happy Hawaii
  9. Your best friend(s) is/are? The way old friends do
  10. Your favourite colour is? Honey, honey
  11. You know that People need love
  12. If your life was a television show what would it be called? Dance while the music still goes on
  13. What is life to you The Name of the Game
  14. What is the best advice you have to give I let the music speak.


kcm said...

Hmmm, interesting. I wouldn't have expected you to choose Abba; but then I think "what would I have expected?" and I have no answer. I must admit I had to toss a coin between Pink Flod and The Beatles - and got good answers from both.

Jilly said...

I'm not really a 'pop' fan and classical didn't really seem to fit the bill and I've always liked Abba. Though I suppose I might have managed to answer it with someone like Handel or perhaps the whole Bach family.