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Friday, 6 February 2009

Bored with the weather . . .

It is snowing again but in a somewhat halfhearted manner. Most of what arrived yesterday has disappeared because of the drizzly rain. I was just watching it out of the window and when it's those very tiny flakes they don't all fall straight down. There's virtually no wind so they just sort of float lazily up and down almost like thistledown. Eventually they do land but the individual flakes are a bit like sky divers drifting on thermals. Fascinating to watch.

Currently I'm reading: Carole Matthews' The Difference a Day Makes; Bill Hussey - Through a Glass Darkly; Wendy Holden - Beautiful People; Alison Penton Harper - Housewife in Love; Anthony Trollope - Doctor Thorne. All very different books. The Carole Matthews is not as good as some of her previous books most notably the two Chocolate Lovers stories. I find her a very uneven writer. Beautiful People has grown on me - it's over 600 pages and seems a bit disjointed until page 300 after which it really gets going when all the characters are in Italy for various reasons. Through a Glass Darkly is definitely a daylight read for reasons I've already mentioned. Housewife in Love is just as good as the other three in the series. Doctor Thorne is rather more serious and sober than either of its predecessors. Plenty to keep me amused over the weekend.

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