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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Today . . .

. . . was sunny. Much of the snow has disappeared except from places like car parks. Odd bits of pavement were still a bit icy tonight and I notice the market packed up early.

The forecast is not too bad for here so maybe we won't get much more. I really do feel sorry for the rest of the country as just about everywhere seems to have suffered. Often this little bit of Lincolnshire seems to avoid what the rest of the country - or even the county - gets. I put it down to being virtually below sea level - as though we're in a sheltered hollow.

Everyone at work is getting fractious over trivialities at the moment. I'm hoping everyone will be calmer tomorrow but for once I'm just letting it roll over me and not getting involved. I have Thursday and Friday off - a break from work and the weather.

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