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Monday, 16 February 2009

Monday and thoughts

Work was not too bad today as it was bright and sunny so everyone seemed in a reasonable mood. What's more there was no frost or snow this morning - which must be the first time for at least two weeks. I'm looking forward to spring more than usual this year.

I have been wondering about the latest teenage pregnancy scandal - the boy of 12 who apparently made a girl of 14 pregnant. Apart from whether or not this was actually possible and it seems as though it is going to be tested by means of DNA; I was somewhat astounded by the immediate reaction of the families involved to try and sell the story to the highest bidder. In a way I suppose this at least shows initiative. But I am also seriously shocked by the whole thing.

At 14 - in the mid 1960s - boys were the last thing on my mind and in any case it was drummed into all children of my era that sex=babies=shame if you're not married.. As in Holland now, teenage girls becoming pregnant were regarded as stupid and lacking in respect for themselves. Old fashioned though such a view is I still think this is the right way to be. Children need to be told that sex is something to look forward to when you're older and can appreciate it for what it is.

I think the word 'respect' is the key to that last paragraph because children are not taught to have respect for themselves and their own bodies let alone for other people. If you take away the single mother's 'right' to a council house of her own, and make her stay with her parents we might get rid of some of these problems. Currently the ambitions of some teenage girls stop at have baby - get council house.


NAM said...

Yes, this one's a bit of a mess, isn't it? I'm not exactly surprised, because a minority of kids have always been precocious - but I think it's regrettable, to say the least, and I think that it's partly that kids now don't have enough challenges to occupy them. When you and I were 14 we were coping with Education!

What did shock me was that several other boys are apparently bragging that they might be the father instead - a literal case of willy waving, I suppose. But since when has this been something to boast about?

Jilly said...

My thoughts exactly! I think it is the case that kids today have so much less to occupy them - in spite of the internet computer games etc etc. They also seem to be spoon fed education which we definitely weren't! I don't think any of the boys you and I were at school with would have been first in the queue to admit they'd fathered a child - they'd have been more inclined to run as fast as they could in the opposite direction.

NAM said...

Yes indeed. Nobody was exactly admitting to being the father of any of the babies of the girls in the year or two above us (and I can think of three instances, off hand). In fact, as you probably remember, ours was the only year not to produce a child while we were at school...

Jilly said...

I've always thought that fact in itself says a lot for our year!