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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Short skirts

I have read on various web sites in the last couple of days about the teenager who was called a slut by a teacher - or classroom assistant - depending on which article you read. Said teenager was upset and the head teacher wrote to the parents and apologised. Why? I can imagine what my parents would have said in the same situation and they wouldn't have supported me!

I go back to the days of mini skirts the first time round and I can remember turning over the waistband of my school skirt to make it as short as possible. Even while I was doing it I fully expected to be told off if I was spotted by a teacher and I'm sure I would probably have been called worse names than slut and have deserved them.

Sign of the times? Are children not able to deal with such things any more?

I can only once remember being seriously upset by something a teacher called me - he described me as illiterate - which I knew I wasn't. On the same principle maybe this girl thought she didn't look like a slut but to my mind having a skirt which closely resembles a belt is very likely to merit the description.

Obviously I have turned into 'disgusted of Tunbridge Wells' or perhaps it's just the generation gap.

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