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Monday, 2 February 2009


I had an interesting journey to work on the bus this morning. As the bus route doesn't follow the major roads there was plenty of snow about and some of the journey was a shade hair raising. An excellent driver though and I never felt in any real danger - I'm just not used to feeling a double decker bus sliding around! On the other hand once I got off the bus there was loads of pristine snow to walk through and enjoy - lovely!

I came home early because I really didn't want to be stuck 10 miles from home if it got worse as it was supposed to do. Now they're forecasting rain for us later tonight - which means, hopefully, that it'll be gone by tomorrow.

I love the look of the stuff but hate it if I have to go out in it - beyond the garden that is.

Enjoy the snow - if you've got it - and of course take care.


NAM said...

Sounds just a bit too exciting as a commute to me...We had just on six inches of snow, living in the West London Alps as we do, and as you would guess, transport came to something approaching a complete halt - couldn't even get to the dentist at Bushey by cab. I can't get into work at all without the tube, and although I have a choice of three lines, round this area the tracks are mostly either in cuttings (where the snow piles up) or fifty feet in the air (where they're more exposed). Either way not good in this sort of weather. It was nice to work from home for a change, especially as I'd had a six day week last week, but somewhat frustrating because I can't get on with the most urgent stuff. Oh well - there are worse things...Please take care.

Jilly said...

I did think of you when they said buses and tubes weren't running. I'm really surprised it hit London so badly.
Today was all right - untreated roads were icy but as I got a lift in today and the car is 4WD it wasn't too bad. Bright sunshine most of the day today.
I should think you deserve a day off if you worked a 6 day week last week!
Very little more snow for us in prospect - take care.

NAM said...

Thank you! I think everyone was a bit taken aback about the amount London and the nearest counties got, and colleagues who come in from Surrey and Kent were still working from home today. The forecasters can't seem to make up their minds what will happen for the rest of the week apart from it getting worse in the North, I see - but then you've probably heard my theory on this before. The hooha over Michael Fish's comments in the build-up to the Great Storm made them realise that if the weather is better than forecast nobody minds, but if worse then you'll never be allowed to forget it!