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Thursday, 19 February 2009

Plane crashes and books.

I was thinking today when I heard about the helicopter ditching in the North Sea with no loss of life of the recent crash in the Hudson River in New York. It seems as though water and planes do mix this year and I expect there was something similar going on astrologically on both occasions.

Both incidents are of course a tribute to the skill and training of both pilots and crew and in the case of the helicopter of the passengers as well. Anyone working on the rigs has to practice ditching in the sea regularly so they react like clockwork when it comes to the real thing. I'm really glad no one was seriously hurt in either incident.

I've just read Isabel Wolff's A Vintage Affair and as chick lit goes found it entertaining. There was a sub plot which was more hard centred than many and the descriptions of vintage clothes were interesting. Phoebe leaves her steady job with an auction house to realise her dream of opening a vintage clothes shop. How the shop changes her life and forces her to look at her own behaviour makes interesting reading. I hadn't read anything by this author before but I shall be looking out for others now.

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