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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Sadomasachism for Accountants

Sadomasochism for Accountants by Rosie Barnes has such an intriguing title I felt I had to read it when I saw it mentioned on Anne Brooke's blog (link at the top of the page). Witty, quirky and surprisingly enough - not crude - it kept me turning the pages and I finished it in less than two days.. Paula is suddenly dumped by accountant Alan after 8 years of reasonably happy cohabitation because she 'is boring'. At first Paula takes up stalking as a hobby which nearly lands her in seriously hot water but then she stumbles upon a fetish club whose members accept her as she is. She decides to get rid of her boring image and try and win back Alan from the clutches of career girl Belinda.

Paula is ably assisted in her plans by various members of the club including the Man in the Mask - naked except for a mask; Luda - a transvestite builder and 'her' sidekick Dave; Gretchen the dominatrix with the heart of gold and her acolyte Slave Boy. All characters are eccentric and lovable and the plot is as strange and convoluted as it sounds but it is hilarious. It is very un-politically correct - if there is such an expression - and well worth a read if you want something different.

Thank you, Anne, for mentioning this book, otherwise I might never have come across it.

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Anne Brooke said...

Isn't it great! So glad you enjoyed it, Jilly!

Hope your w/e is good - with lots of chocolate of course.

Love & hugs