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Thursday, 12 February 2009

Yet more snow . . . and chocolate

Haven't we had enough of the white stuff this winter? I was standing waiting for the bus to come home tonight just before 5.00pm and wondering whether I should have gone home earlier! There were very few people about - just some of the usual ones who catch that bus - it was snowing quite heavily and even covering the roads. Still, I thought, the driver will want to get home so we're less likely to get stuck going in that direction.

The journey home wasn't too bad though there was snow lying on some of the roads. There's been probably about 2 inches since 1.30 this afternoon. If it carries on I wonder what the chances are of buses running tomorrow? If there are no buses I shan't be going to work that is for sure.


I have discovered over the last couple of days that I seem more even tempered if I don't eat chocolate. I haven't had any since Sunday because I ran out and for some reason I just haven't bothered to get any more. Now that IS worrying as I really would not like to give up chocolate permanently in the interests of peace and harmony for the rest of the human race.

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