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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

A shrinking office

We are rapidly dwindling in our office and another one left today. Now she's gone we're down to 16 in an office that actually could hold 80! Great that we've got so much space but still a little strange. Someone else is retiring next month - soon we'll be like the 10 green bottles!

My cold is worse than yesterday just at this moment but hasn't been as bad today. I've been busy as well which has taken my mind off it - always a good thing.

I haven't been reading very much over the last couple of days because I've been going to sleep early but perhaps I'll feel a bit more like it towards the weekend. I'm having a day off on Friday and having my hair cut as it's starting to annoy me so once I've whizzed through the housework I'll have some time to spare.

Off to catch up on the news and then to bed to read for a while.


NAM said...

That must be a very odd sensation -16 in enough space for 80! I've only every worked with space shortages, which I think is quite typical.

Sorry the cold is still present: the only thing I've ever found much help - and it may not be the same for you - is to drink a pint of Ribena all in one go, or as near as possible, several times a day. Does wonders for the hydration levels, obviously, and doesn't work when consumed in small doses. Yes, a day off sounds like a good idea - happy reading, if nothing else!

Jilly said...

Thanks for the Ribena tip - I might just try that. I drink water out of a half litre glass constantly at work but I tend to drink it in small amounts.

Being in a relatively empty office is good because we can spread out. Trouble is we've been spoilt and are probably going to feel claustrophobic if they try and put us all on one floor as they may do.

Anne Brooke said...

Hope you feel better soon, Jilly - the Ribena tip sounds great.



NAM said...

Well, now I have the chance to apply my advice to myself, Anne, as I now have a cold too!

Jilly said...

Oh dear! Do you think colds are transmitted by electronic means? Anne had one then I had one now you've got one! Maybe we've discovered a new way of spreading viruses?

NAM said...

I did wonder!