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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

More snow predicted . . .

. . . .but will it arrive? Who knows? It's certainly been cold today though bright sunshine all day.

As NAM says in her comment on my post from Monday - if the weather forecasters over predict bad weather no one really minds. It's only if they fail to predict bad weather that there is a problem.

Apparently you only have to go about 20 miles away from where I live to find quite substantial amounts of the stuff so we wait with bated breath to see if we'll be really hit this time. I'm quite glad I'm off for the next two days. Time to curl up with some more good books I think.

I've just started reading Bill Hussey's Through a Glass Darkly - horror set in Fenland probably near Ely. It's the sort of book that made me keep wanting to cross myself - and no I'm not Catholic or even particularly religious but this is really spooky stuff and very well written. I bought it because it sounded more crime - with echoes from the past - than horror and because it's set in my beloved Fens. I may or may not read to the end - and I certainly won't read it at night.

I finished reading The Art of Losing by Rebecca Connell, which is very well written if slightly confusing at times. Nicholas and Lydia have a brief fling but Lydia decides to stay with her husband, Martin. Nicholas attempts to forget and marries Naomi. Twenty years later Lydia's daughter, Louise assumes her dead mother's name and insinuates her way into the lives of Nicholas, Naomi and their son Adam. I found it slightly difficult to believe that no one realised Louise's connection with Lydia - especially as she was calling herself Lydia. Nicholas and Naomi had known Louise as a small child. However, children do change in looks so maybe this was just believable. I did enjoy the book and I especially liked how all the characters grew on you during the book. I started off liking Nicholas and ended up thinking he wasn't really that pleasant a person. I came to like Lydia's husband Martin and I thought he was really the only person who came out of it as someone admirable. This is a writer to watch.

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