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Monday, 9 February 2009

Housewife in Love

Housewife in Love by Alison Penton Harper is an excellent light read. It is fast paced and witty with eccentric and colourful characters. Helen is debating whether she should marry Rick. She can't decide whether it's worth the risk when she remembers the disaster zone which was her first marriage. While she battles with her doubts, sister Julia is battling with an unexpected pregnancy and friend Leonie is trying to stop her twin boys from blowing up the house with their new chemistry set.

Paul and Sally - the gay couple upstairs from Helen - let the bath overflow and force Helen to move out of her flat temporarily. Helen decides to move in with Rick only to find his estranged daughter in residence. Lola is the teenager from hell. Will she be able to stop Helen and Rick marrying? I love the style and the characters though this particular author seems to get some very negative reviews on Amazon for some reason. I would recommend any of the 4 books in the housewife series as good light reads. (Housewife Down, Housewife Up, Housewife on Top and finally Housewife in Love).

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Crash Test Mummy said...

Dear Jilly Sheep,

Thank you so much for your kind recommendations of the Housewife books. (One of my daughters brought your lovely blog to my attention.) I noticed that you mentioned that I do seem to have rather a problem with some nasty reviews on Amazon. This is entirely down to my bitter, twisted, jealous ex-husband of many years ago who, frankly, is rather a waste of space. Sadly for him, he has nothing better to do with his time than that to make up silly user names and write horrible things about me and my books. Oh, well. Serves me right for accidentally marrying a [insert expletive of your choice]. Hopefully he'll die soon.

With very best wishes,
Alison Penton Harper